General Secretary Message

General Secretary Message

Sheraz-AhmadWe live in era with Nobel prizes going to behavioral economists and industry going abuzz with artificial intelligence. Controlling behavior of people and giving such controls to machines through AI are dreadful, yet promising. As a public health practitioner, I see these developments with excitement and caution.

Pakistan is a nation of 220 million strong, with a phenomenal youth bulge. We are also witnessing an epidemiological transition towards dual burden of disease and technological transition of being integrated through smart devices. Hence, as General Secretary at this Public Health Association with the flux in our society, I am dreaming of capitalizing on our youth bulge, technological innovation and positive playback of behavioral economics to tackle our public health challenges.

I take two statements of Dr. Margaret Chan (ex-DG of WHO) at face value. She feared that we will start dying again of a simple scratch due to antimicrobial resistance and that universal health coverage is the single biggest concept that public health has to offer. Her statements can’t be as valid and as true for any other country but Pakistan!

I believe that aligning the strategic vision of our association with universal health coverage, and utilizing the nudge of technological innovations is the way for our association to thrive. Along the way, we are open to join strengths and develop productive partnerships.


Dr. Sheraz Ahmad Khan
MBBS, MPH, PhD (in progress, University of Edinburgh
Founding General Secretary, Public Health Association

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