Public Health Association


Who We Are
We are a society of Public Health professionals dedicated to the field of public health. We are qualified doctors, researchers, nurses, professors who share a commitment to promote Public Health and influence health related policies. We are committed to bring together the power of our members for the improvement of Health in our target population.
Our Goal
  • To help in strengthening the health system regulatory and oversight mechanisms in the province.
  • To advocate on health-related goal and targets of the sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • To cater support for the SDGs strategies for achieving its health-related goals and targets.
  • To promote alternative healthcare financing modes for Pakistan, in order to achieve equity and promote Universal Health Coverage.
  • To establish an environmental health protection and promotion program.
  • To create a positive liaison between the community, government and the International health system stakeholders.
  • Provide a platform for professional growth, development and knowledge exchange of public health workforce in Pakistan
  • Serve as the voice of public health community in matters of importance for public health and public health professionals
Our Priorities
  • Strengthening of public health profession through identification, registration, networking, education, knowledge management, research and development.
  • Community awareness through public awareness campaigns and IEC material.
  • Health Advocacy through networking, meetings, letters, conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Health Policy: Initiating and supporting health policy guidelines on the basis of evidence based research.
  • Research Promotion through awareness seminars, conferences, workshops, research support cell for beginners, incentives, journal, and newspaper.
  • Networking and building partnerships with other sectors including education, water sanitation etc. through MOU, meetings etc.
  • Strengthening Health services delivery through influencing policy, offering monitoring and consultancy services, development of health staff.

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