Public Health Association & UNICEF Support Primary Health Care in KP Amid Covid19

PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION KP & COVID-19 PANDEMIC: Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic Public Health Association KP played a vital role to prevent and control corona through proactive approach. PHA through support of UNICEF and Health Care Commission trained 1000 private practitioners about COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Control along with provision of the relevant guidelines & IEC material. PHA involved Policy makers for the dissemination of key messages. Aired series of radio programs by the local influencers and Public Health experts. To keep the public updated about Corona, Press Conferences were conducted with Health & Information departments and Press clubs. Telemedicine services were provided to many community members/patients at their door steps. Supported 1700 during the pandemic.

POLIO ERADICATION INITIATIVE: Furthermore, undergraduate, post graduate and HCC recognized private health care work force was oriented about the importance of Polio Eradication Initiative. Radio and TV messages were disseminated through key influencers. Parliamentarians from high risk areas were advocated about PEI and their commitment was ensured.

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